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In 1995, the company started to operate in the field of Durable Consumer Goods in Bursa / Nilüfer.
Afterwards, production is started to be made by considering the balance of supply and demand.
After serving in different places in Bursa, we have been operating in ÇALI facility for 13 years.
Our company is the leader and leader in the sector. Our aim is to contribute to the world economy by being the best company in the sector.

With its innovative and distinctive design line, we provide a wide range of customers in the world market by guiding the trends of furniture related to Home, Hotel, Motel, Cafe, Bar, Office and School, reaching global customers with production quality in the global market and in all services we provide with unconditional satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers and employees to continue to be the best of the companies operating and to contribute to the world economy as an example company.



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In line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information age, we respect our customers 'time and rights, increase our employees' satisfaction and moral values, fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values, offer our services by producing products that meet the expectations of our customers and world standards, to contribute to the national economy by adding trust, quality and value, working in a different, determinative, environmentally friendly and respectful to the society.